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Welcome to the brand new Hypnotherapy Newsletter from Grant Boddington & Hypnotherapy New Zealand.
New editions will be posted from time to time when there is something to share.

In this edition:

Structure Changes
You may have noticed that I have recently retired the “Boddington School of Hypnotherapy” name and that my training courses are now under the Hypnotherapy New Zealand banner.

The website has been around in the background since 2009, mostly as an information source for those wishing to either study or practice Hypnotherapy, or visit a Hypnotherapist as a client.  I redesigned it as a stand-alone service  when I sold Hypnosis New Zealand in 2018 and then again more recently, when I moved my Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy course and the various course extensions under the Hypnotherapy New Zealand brand.

For those of you who are currently completing your Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the new qualification will now bear the Hypnotherapy New Zealand name and logo by default, but if you'd prefer the old style BSH Certificate, that can be provided instead.

Proposed Hypnotherapy Training Day
I am looking at holding a 1-Day "Refresher-Booster" Hypnotherapy training workshop later this year. 

It will be aimed at those who have started training as a Hypnotherapist, as well as those who are qualified and would like to refresh their skills – most especially regarding the “Sequence of Events” during a Hypnotherapy consultation, so you can be more confident in running a professional client session. 

There will also be time for hands-on practise with one of your colleagues and a question/answer segment, so I can address any training queries you might have. I intend it to be a very valuable and interesting training day for all.

This will happen probably on a Saturday, in September, in Auckland, and be priced at around $300 for the day. 
Read more about it here

Free Directory Listing for Hypnotherapists
Are you in our 2022 Hypnotherapists Directory?  If you’re a practising Hypnotherapist in NZ, you can complete this form and your listing will be up and running within hours.  The listing form is also available from the directory itself. So if you could use some extra clients, remember that it pays to advertise!

Hypnotherapy Course Extensions
Parts Integration Hypnotherapy
Great for indentifying the sources and potentially resolving interpersonal conflicts; where one "part" of a person is at odds with another, or other "parts". 

Age Regression Hypnotherapy
Often the event that may have caused or contributed to an unhelpful or destructive behaviour or emotion is long forgotten or has even been repressed by the mind as a protection mechanism.  This intense therapy technique can assist to uncover the offending (or Initial Sensitising Event) so that an appropriate therapy technique can then be conducted with the client. 

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals
Consolidate the skills you learned in the Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy course with this amazing ebook version of Grants highly successful (sadly sold out) book.  Or, as a profession Hypnotherapist who has trained elsewhere, you can now add a touch of Grant's huge experience to to your own client toolkit.

Mastering Stage Hypnosis
For the show-man or woman who loves to entertain. No previous Hypnosis experience or knowledge is necessary!  Yes it even teaches how to hypnotise on stage.

A Free Qualification is now Available
Higher Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
When you have completed the Hypnotherapy New Zealand Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course (or another pre-approved Clinical Hypnotherapy course) plus our Parts Integration Therapy Extension and our Age Regression Hypnotherapy Extension, you will automatically qualify for the Hypnotherapy New Zealand Higher Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy! And yes, you read it correctly, there is no charge! It's provided for free to thank you for your loyalty.

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