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The Essential Guide for Hypnotherapy Clients and Becoming a Hypnotherapist in New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

Each year we receive many requests from overseas Hypnotherapists who are considering moving here to live and work.  So here's a bit of local information for you.

Latest Covid 19 Information for Travelling to NZ

Working as a Hypnotherapist in NZ
It is most unusual here for one Hypnotherapist to hire another. So you probably will not "get a job" as a Hypnotherapist working for someone else.  Therefore
working as a Hypnotherapist in NZ usually means self-employment.  Your best options would be either working from home, or renting space in a multi-modality clinic. Or, of course you could open your own stand-alone Hypnotherapy clinic.  Each option comes with its pros and cons - and as long as you practice legally (see more below) then they are all viable choices.


NZ has a small, spread out population of 5 million people who are generally becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of Hypnotherapy and its benefits.  The upper North Island is the most densely populated area, and there are pockets of good sized cities in most other areas too.

Consultation Prices
The average charge by Hypnotherapists in New Zealand is around NZ$100.00 - NZ$200.00 per session.  The smaller towns and cities are generally in the lower range and the larger centres are generally in the higher range. Most cities/areas are very well serviced by professional Hypnotherapists, but there is always room for more, certainly as Hypnotherapy becomes steadily more and more popular.  (See currency converter here to convert to your money.)

Joining a Hypnotherapy Group
If you do move here, you'd probably find it beneficial to be aligned with one of the major Hypnotherapy organisations, or trainers.  Several different versions of "Registration" are available for Hypnotherapists in New Zealand who are senior members of one of the major associations and is a measure of qualifications, knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Immigration Information
We suggest that you visit these webpages to help you understand more about moving to NZ.

The entire Hypnotherapy profession in NZ is self-governing and independent of any specific government control and legislation. In other words, there are no specific to Hypnotherapy legal requirements, restrictions, or qualifications required by anyone practicing Hypnotherapy in New Zealand.

Every Hypnotherapist in NZ is completely free to practice either independently, or, if they choose, as part of a one of the local Hypnotherapy organisations.   They totally are free to do so, as long as they practice within the laws of NZ. 
However, possibly because of this, only the most reputable can make a living from Hypnotherapy alone.  So any other natural therapy skills you possess may come in useful.
Regardless of their training, qualifications, or experience, every Hypnotherapy practitioner is legally and morally obliged to operate under guidelines defined by such departments as Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), the Health & Disability Commissioner (HDC) The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) the Fair Trading Act (FTA) which is policed by the Commerce Commission.  Also, most Hypnotherapy organisations have very strict Codes of Ethics that must be adhered to by all members.

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