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What's Here For You?
Well, if you're searching for information about Hypnotherapy - maybe as a potential client, maybe about becoming a Hypnotherapist or even because, as an existing Hypnotherapist residing elsewhere in the world, you're considering moving to NZ to continue your practice; then you've come to the right place!

About Hypnotherapy

Find out how Hypnotherapy might benefit you

  • Choosing the right Hypnotherapist for you
  • Different Styles of Hypnotherapy

NZ Hypnotherapists

HNZ Clinical Hypnotherapist Directory List

  • Find a Hypnotherapist near to you
  • Find a Hypnotherapist who does video consultations

Learn Hypnotherapy in NZ

Learn Hypnotherapy and become a Hypnotherapist

  • Top Tips for Choosing a Hypnotherapy Course
  •  A Great Home Study Course to Start Your Training

Moving to New Zealand

Information for overseas Hypnotherapists moving to NZ

  • Practising as a Hypnotherapist in NZ
  • New Zealand Regulations for Hypnotherapists

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HNZ is owned and maintained by Grant Boddington as a public and professional service. Grant has a around 30 years of practical experience and knowledge that he generously shares with hundreds of past & present students and colleagues. In semi-retirement he still sees a few clients in his professional practice and also trains and supports new Hypnotherapists via his long established (freshly updated) Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy online home study course.

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